My studio is located in what once was the original second floor open patio.  The previous owners converted the space to an office area and the space lends itself well for the array of crafting that I enjoy.  The space itself is about 22 x 27 feet and includes 2 closets with attic space behind each one.  The attic space is where I store scraps and other items that aren’t being actively used for anything.  Most of fabric in those two areas are kept in Ikea Samla boxes of all shapes and sizes.  Every few months I will bring out a few totes and create a quilt or two from the scraps.

My studio is my happy place, and as such is rarely perfectly clean.  I have better things to do than to clean up a space to perfection only to stack the next couple of projects right back in again.  I’m not saying it’s a complete disaster, but it is a well loved space where I spend and enjoy a great deal of time.

Laying the space out for a quilting studio was a challenge, since it houses a 14-foot longarm table.  Getting those long pieces into the room was a bit more challenging than expected as there is not a door into the studio off the hallway… yet.  Everything had to be brought through the Master Bedroom, so screens had to be removed from windows to allow the longer pieces a place to go while pivoting them through the room.  I’m sure the neighbors thought we were mad.  Well… anyways.

I’ve rearranged to room a few times and the layout that I have now makes the best use of the space for now, but I am sure things will change based upon how much stash I keep on-hand through the months.

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