Stained Glass

Oak Park

I have always admired stained glass, and had thought by now I would have ventured into attempting to make a few pieces to see how I liked it.  I have too many other hobbies and crafts that I enjoy, so I will let the experts stick to it, and I will stick to the hobbies I already enjoy… there are many of them.

The Oak Park Skylight is the work that I am patterning this piece of work from, and it’s going to end up being somewhere in the neighborhood of 50″ x 125″; not your average quilt/throw/runner size, but it is the size that this piece will end up.

I have no idea or plan as to where it will go yet, but at least I do have a wall in the studio that is tall enough to hang the finished piece.

I have spent about 3 weeks on the measurements, layout, fabric selection, courage and how the blocks will be made for paper piecing.

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